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Whistle Blower Protection

We protect whistleblowers against discrimination for employees of air carriers, publically traded companies and contractors to publically traded companies, and qui tam violators (businesses that defraud the government). Qui Tam companies include health care, pharmaceutical, companies defrauding Medicare and other companies that receive state or Federal funds. We also investigate and sometimes prosecute private companies that violate compliance and regulatory requirements of the government.

We may also prosecute companies on behalf of employees and the public for insurance fraud and criminal conduct where these activities are related to a wrong to the employee. If you quit your job or were fired because you were trying to do the right thing and the matter is serious or could cause a serious harm to you or others, give us a call. If you are aware of anyone defrauding the public or the government, give us a call. We will talk to you without charge.

Case Studies
Client: Senior Executive of Publically Traded Company

Issue: Client witnessed wrong doing by other executives and subsequent effort to cover it up. Client reported the wrongdoings, cover up and the danger to the public to the board of directors. Client was terminated.

Resolution: Client was awarded large cash settlement, the guilty executives were fired and the problem was corrected.

Client: Minority Shareholder in Private Company

Issue: Other shareholders and executives of privately held company were defrauding pharmaceutical customers and accepting bribes. Client objected and complained to the board of directors. Client was fired.

Resolution: Client received a generous buyout package and shareholders and executives were criminally prosecuted.

Client: Sales Person of Publically Traded Company

Issue: Client complained about fraudulent sales practices against the public to sales manager and senior management. Client was fired.

Resolution: Client received substantial cash settlement and senior managers who encouraged wrongful practices were fired.

Case Studies are for illustration purposes only. Your results may vary and success cannot be guaranteed.

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